Stats: Tottenham’s 3 Best Peformers vs. Liverpool

3 – Dele Alli

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Alli showed a lot of fight in a scrappy game and his tackles helped disturb Liverpool’s attacking rhythm. The Englishman has so far not managed to replicate last seasons form but his performance against Liverpool was the closest he has come. Alli completed 85.7% of his passes and was accurate with 4 of his long balls. Although he played in the most advanced central midfield role, Alli made a lot of defensive contributions in the game, including 4 tackles. There was no real expectation on him last season as he arrived from MK Dons, but now considered a star for both club and country, Alli needs to deal with the added pressure and keep improving. As a sidenote temperament is something that will never change but he needs to ensure controls.

To be honest, it wasn’t a great performance from many Tottenham players this week but we needed to choose three and for me, these were the best. Who would your picks be? Leave your comments below.