Tottenham and NFL to share new 61,000 seater stadium!

Earlier today, the NFL and Tottenham Hotspur announced that they would share the new Tottenham stadium in 2018, with either a new London NFL franchise having it as their home, or similar to what Wembley Stadium does, and host a minimum of 2 games per season.

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With the new stadium, still yet to be named, set to be complete in 2018, it allows Tottenham and the NFL to establish a strong partnership which is already healthy with the events Tottenham co hosted together with both the San Francisco 49’ers and Seattle Seahawks.

The 61,000 capacity stadium (if you’re wondering why 61,000 it’s so we can be bigger than Arsenal) would feature a retractable pitch, so the artificial NFL pitch could be rolled out for the games. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy described the partnership between Tottenham Hotspur and the NFL as a “compelling and exciting partnership” whilst Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, said that the club and the NFL “share a vision”.

It looks like Tottenham have got an excellent business plan when it comes to the new stadium, as the revenue from these 2 NFL games will help the club out massively and avoid any inactivity when it comes to the transfer markets. With the new revenue streams, this could potentially mean that Tottenham can avoid the lack of spending that happened to our rivals Arsenal, and we could do what they didn’t do for many, many years. Of course, I’m talking about spending lots and lots of money!