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Tottenham Player Ratings for the Season!

If you have read the Tottenham Team of the Season, you will notice that most of these players feature in both pieces. From around February I have been doing the player ratings after mostly every Spurs game that have been played, so it was only fitting that I do ratings for the entire season. It wasn’t fair to the whole squad to only rate certain players, so I have added a few more players who have played a lot this season.

Hugo Lloris: 8

Lloris was the best goalkeeper for a large part of the season, mainly for the first few months. His performances were probably the most vital part to our season, at least until Harry Kane showed up. Not only was Lloris a great goalkeeper, but he took over the captaincy when Michael Dawson left, and Younes Kaboul lost his place in the side. If we were to keep Hugo in the summer, then our season could potentially be a great one for us.


Kyle Walker: 6

It would be so harsh to give Walker a poor rating, because he missed the majority of the season with injury, and when he came back he played fairly well minus a few performances. He got injured towards the end however, so I don’t think it is possible to give Kyle a rating higher than 6, as it is even between good and bad, when in reality he has been neither.


Jan Vertonghen: 7  We all know how good Vertonghen can be, but this season he wasn’t exactly at the top of his game. He played well, very well, but he flattered to deceive every so often and I think that is the reason to some moaning’s from the Spurs faithful. The season was tough for Jan, as he kept having to adapt his style to suit his partner, which changed far too often for most. But I am one of the fans who are hopeful that next season he can back to his superb best.


Eric Dier: 7

Speaking of having high hopes for next season, Dier has come leaps and bounds since his debut goal against West Ham. Playing at both Centre Back and Right Back, Dier has been superb at leading the defensive line as well as being a good ball playing defender when needed. I can see Dier having a good chance at being a fixture in the England squad and could possibly go to the Euros next year if he has another top season.


Danny Rose: 8

A player who surprised me, Danny Rose has really made the Left Back position his own. Despite some fans saying he cant really defend, Rose has been a marauding Full Back for the majority of the season, and I’m surprised he hasn’t been picked more for England consider the problems they’ve faced at Left Back. His attacking displays have left me wondering what would happen if we moved him up the field, and rumors linking him to Real Madrid and Chelsea certainly haven’t gone to his head.


Ryan Mason: 6

I’m not exactly the biggest Ryan Mason fan, as most of you are probably aware of, but Mason has been an integral part to our midfield. His tough tackling and insane passion and work ethic have earned the Enfield boy a place in the heart of Spurs fans. I would like to see him control the game more next season, but his contributions in the middle of the season were a huge factor as to why he kept his place so often.


Nabil Bentaleb: 7

Another cog in our midfield engine, Bentaleb was one of the few players who fans identified as being (potentially) world class. His passing range is something that is loved and looked up with a lot of awe, his tackling gets the fans going and his passion is there to see. He is one of those players that fans love to see, and his performances this season have been very good from start to finish, and he remains one of the players who Pochettino sees as vital to his plans.

Nacer Chadli: 7

Chadli is somewhat of a cult hero amongst Tottenham fans on social media, and his huge improvement this season is a reason as to why. I doubted him at the start of the season, as most fans did, but on occasion he has proven me wrong, mainly that game against Chelsea where he scored a great goal and combined perfectly with Harry Kane on multiple occasions. Lets just hope that Nacer can keep up his form more regularly next season.


Erik Lamela: 6

I’m sure there is a top talent inside the bodily structure of Erik Lamela. I am convinced, and on occasion he has shown that a star is inside him, but more often than not he has hidden away or drifted away far too easily. In hindsight, most Spurs fans could say they have been harsh on Lamela, who has played well on some occasions and scored a fantastic Rabona goal (which I missed because I was in New York, typical), but next season is the big one for Erik as it will be the chance for him to show he is worth the money as this season was arguably his first proper season.



Christian Eriksen: 8

A big, big reason as to why Spurs finished as high as they did. Without his late goals, and his Capital One Cup games, we probably wouldn’t have had anything to shout about this season. But his late goals gave his moments we as fans will not forget. Swansea, Hull, Leicester and Sheffield United were games that were dead and buried before Eriksen had his say. Easily the best signing from the Bale money, I just hope that he gets even better next season.


Harry Kane: 9 No more words can describe how vital and how important Harry Kane has been this season. Winners against Chelsea, Arsenal, Burnley, QPR and Leicester are games that we may not have won if it wasn’t for Harry’s determination, drive and goals. If he repeats his goals next season, then either he will become a Spurs legend, or he will get sold. That’s how it is, but until then lets just appreciate that he is one of our own.



Federico Fazio: 5/6

Again, I must stress that I am not a Fazio fan, not at all, but sometimes he did put in a good performance here and there. Unfortunately, here and there isn’t good enough when we need here and now. Hardly ever looking confident on the ball, Fazio gave me the jitters when he advanced with the ball as it was clear he was rubbish on the ball, and as slow as a snail without it!


Moussa Dembele: 5/6

A hidden talent at Spurs that seems to have been wasted, due to no fault of his own. Dembele is a natural dribbler of the ball, however he doesn’t do it when it matters. He can spin around the touchline all he wants but if he doesn’t do anything with the ball, no one will remember his skill. If he moves on, it will be sad to see, but understandable at the same time.


Michel Vorm: 6/7

Deputizing for Lloris in the cups and occasionally in the league, Vorm put in some good showings and really reacted well to being a number 2. However, if Lloris does leave, Vorm may not be the man to replace Lloris as Vorm isn’t as commanding, but is a great catcher and shot stopper. I have no doubt that Vorm is a good goalkeeper, but it is another thing to ask him to replace Hugo Lloris!


Andros Townsend: 5/6

He may be quick, but that is all Andros Townsend has going for him, and I’m afraid he will end up like another Aaron Lennon. Way too inconsistent, and quite frankly not someone who fits the style of Pochettino, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was to be sold in the summer. But his pace can be a weapon on rare occasions, but it is too rare for my personal liking. To be honest, seeing reactions on social media, I don’t think I’m the only one.


Roberto Soldado: 4/5

I do feel sorry for Soldado, who’s name translated into English is Bobby Soldier (fun fact), but its time for us to cut our losses and get rid while we can. He isn’t fitting into the English game, his confidence is low and no matter what happens he doesn’t seem to score. Ever. I would like to see him soldier on (see what I did there?) and keep trying to be a Tottenham player, but I just think he has run his course.


Vlad Chiriches: 2/3

What I am about to say is what every Spurs fan thinks. 2 words describe “Vlad the Imposter”, and that is ‘absolutely rubbish”. I could go on to bash him, but I don’t think id be saying anything new. There you have it. Absolutely rubbish! Actually, I’m probably being nice to him considering what I’ve seen others say.

Spurs’ Goal Of The Season – The Contenders

Altogether this season, Spurs have scored 91 goals in all competitions this season, some of them have been set-pieces or tap-in whereas others have been some of the finest goals you’re ever likely to see from a player in the Lilywhite shirt.

We’ve put together a list of 5 goals that have taken our breath away this season for many reasons. Here’s the list of contenders.


Harry Kane vs Chelsea

His 2nd of the game that pretty much sealed victory for us on New Year’s Day was absolutely mesmerising. He turned Terry & Cahill like Sunday League defenders and slotted it with a velvet touch into the corner past Courtois was so reminiscent of many great strikers like Shearer, Klinsmann & Sheringham, it was a moment of epiphany that showed Kane had come of age and showed the world that he was a superstar in the making.

Erik Lamela vs Asteras Tripolis

The legendary Rabona goal left us with an ever-lasting memory from an otherwise meaningless game. He received the ball from 20 yards out and then he performed a piece of skill that left everyone inside White Hart Lane and watching at home open-mouthed a what the Argentine had just done. Even if he doesn’t become the player we all wanted him to be at least our club record signing will leave something to remember him by.

Christian Eriksen vs Sheffield Utd

The goal that booked us the trip to Wembley. Eriksen had given us the ticket to the home of football putting us 2-0 ahead on aggregate, but then a comeback from Sheffield Utd threatened to make us all look like fools. But then very late on, as has become a habit this season, Kane played a perfect through ball for Eriksen who decided to let the ball run across him and check the shot back across goal. The confidence he must have had to just pass it into the net with that much pressure on him was just staggering, pure class.

Nacer Chadli vs QPR

The much–lauded 48 pass goal from our opening home game of the season showed patience, quality and efficiency. After a period of two minutes of passing the ball and making the Hoops round and round in circles with all 11 players contributing to it. It then turned when Eriksen played it to Lamela who let the ball run across his body and burst past 3 defenders and chip the ball up for Chadli who cushion headed the ball into the corner to round off a fine move.

Eric Dier vs West Ham

Everyone who remembers back to August an our opening game under Pochettino. After going down to 10 men after just 28 minutes, unlike before when we crumbled to pieces, we fought back and showed resiliency. Then in injury-time Kane slipped the ball through to young Eric Dier, on his Spurs debut, who started at CB but played almost the whole game at RB, beat the offside trap and took it round Adrian and slid it home into the net to send us delirious with delight, what a start to the season that was

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Tottenham Team Of The Season

Now, we know that this season hasn’t exactly been a vintage one, or even a good one. It was just average. Picking players for a Team of the Season wasn’t exactly difficult, considering that we have played the same starting eleven for the majority of the season. Seeing how we have performed this season, the Team of the Season is an interesting one. So here is my Team of the Season!

Hugo Lloris:

During the first half of the season, I firmly believed that Lloris was the best goalie in the league, and it was pretty hard to dispute that. He saved our skins on multiple occasions, putting in performances in goal that I had never seen by a Tottenham keeper probably ever and probably will ever see. He played as well as you could when you have Younes Kaboul and Federico Fazio in front of you. Sometimes the rumors of his departure have clouded over his fine season, but there is no doubt that he could stay on for another season and help Spurs to the Champions League.

Kyle Walker:

Walker is only in this side simply because the usual Spurs Right Back is going into Centre Back. Kyle hasn’t had the best of seasons, but he did well enough in his time in the side to remind fans why he is potentially one of the best in the country. His blistering pace still is a huge factor to his game, and I think it could be worth a try moving him up slightly to right wing, I mean it worked for bale didn’t it?

Jan Vertonghen:

We all know that Vertonghen can be a top class defender, and even one of the best in the league, but this season he wasn’t at his greatest. After a fantastic World Cup with Belgium, the man known affectionately as ‘SuperJan’ came back and played well alongside many Centre Back partners, which wasn’t exactly the best for him, as Fazio, Chiriches, Kaboul and Dier had all played alongside Vertonghen at least once, but once he found his stable partnership with Dier, both players played well, with Vertonghen playing his usual relaxed style. Next season, I look forward to seeing Vertonghen and Dier play together net season.

Eric Dier:

Coming in from Sporting Lisbon in the summer, he made the perfect start to his career by scoring a last minute winner against West Ham, and then scored in the 4-0 home win against QPR. Throughout the season, Dier progressed well, occasionally playing Right Back and Centre Back, and close to earning an England call up. If we continue to develop Dier and his partnership with Vertonghen, the we could potentially have a top class defensive partnership for the first time since the days of King and Dawson.

Danny Rose:

At the start of the season, I personally raised questions on whether we should even keep Rose, let alone play him. We had signed Ben Davies, why would we need another Left Back? Well, I was wrong wasn’t I? He has probably been one of the best performers for us in the entire season, bombing up the left hand side on multiple occasions, and playing one of the games of his life in the 2-1 win against Arsenal. If we managed to keep hold of him in the summer, then we have a good chance of having a great back line, and exciting Full Backs.

Ryan Mason:

If you have read any of my other pieces, you will know that I’m not exactly the biggest Ryan Mason fan. But regardless, Mason has played well on occasion in our midfield, and pretty much bossed the North London Derby as well as good performances in the Capital One Cup. His partnership with Nabil Bentaleb in the center of midfield has been one of the highlights of the season, as well as giving the fans a partnership that has developed from our youth system. I just hope that Mason can prove me wrong next season and be a superb player that wont divide opinion amongst our supports.

Nabil Bentaleb:

One of the stars of the season, Bentaleb has been superb from the start of the season, putting in controlling and tough performances, and earning a starting place in the Algerian National team. We all recognize his talent, and his ability to cut open defenses, but also the subtle way that he controls the game with his style. It really is refreshing to see a midfielder for Tottenham be happy with simple sitting in the midfield and not get carried away with the attacking side of the game.

Nacer Chadli:

When he started this season, he was another one of the signings from the previous season that left a lot of doubts in the minds of all of us. But this season, despite his consistency issues that I have mentioned many times, he has reached double figures in the goal charts. I have enjoyed his performances this season, and his fascination with Dolphins has been a great part of our season. Hopefully in his 3rd season of English football, he can be one of our most vital players.

Erik Lamela:

Another player who gets in for the simple fact he has played so much this season. I wouldn’t say I’m not a Lamela fan, but his whole season has been frustrating to say the least. You know that there is something special in the guy, but for whatever reason he never seems to play as well as you know he can. With Pochettino seeming like he wants to keep him, this should be enough to give Lamela some confidence, but lets wait and see shall we?

Christian Eriksen:

Now, it would be virtually impossible to make a Tottenham Team of the Season without Christian Eriksen in it. He made a name for himself with his late goals and fantastic free kicks. His brace against Sheffield United in the second leg of the Capital One cup was a great moment in the season for the club as it sent us to Wembley and spawned a hilarious song. He can sometimes be a victim of the consistency issue that plagues Chadli, but when Eriksen plays, he is one of the best in the league.

Harry Kane:

The hero of the season, simply put. He is one of our own, as the song goes, and the 31 goals in all competitions has put him as the hottest English player In the country. Kane has provided everyone with great moments in the season, whether it be his England debut, his brace against Chelsea or the amazing header against Arsenal, which caused me to turn to my girlfriend, pick her up and get hugged by some bald bloke behind me. Lets all hope that this season continues into next season, and maybe he could add a trophy to his Spurs career?

Season Review! Part One: The Results!

Premier League (5th)
P: 38
W: 19
Pts: 64
Capital One Cup: The Final
FA Cup: Fourth Round
Europa League: Round Of 32

Once again, this season can be looked upon as a transition season under the new management of Mauricio Pochettino, and the Argentine has had a decent first season at Spurs. Below I look back at all of our results from the 2014/15 season, use the numbers at the bottom to navigate.


Life at Tottenham started off pretty well for new manager Mauricio Pochettino, dimmed a little by a 0-3 defeat to Liverpool at the end of the month, Pochettino’s first month in charge resulted in four wins and just one loss.

West Ham 0-1 Tottenham

Mauricio Pochettino’s debut in the Spurs dugout was a successful one. Although Spurs were far from their best, and had their fair share of luck throughout the game, the Lilywhites still managed to pick up all three points at Upton Park.

West Ham missed a penalty in the first half as Kyle Naughton was sent off for handball on the line, but Eric Dier was the man of the moment as he rounded the keeper to slot the ball into the back of the net deep into stoppage time to claim a huge win over one of our London rivals.

AEL Limossol 1-2 Tottenham

Pochettino made it two wins in two in all competitions winning his first match in the Europa League as Spurs came from behind to win away at AEL Limossol in the first leg of the Europa League Qualifying round.

After falling behind early on in the piece, Roberto Soldado scored a wonderful volley followed by a goal from Harry Kane turned the tie on its head within six second half minutes as Spurs took a 2-1 lead back home.

Tottenham 4-0 QPR

Many call this one of the best performances of the season at Spurs as they brushed aside QPR at White Hart Lane. Eric Dier continued his dream start at Tottenham with his second goal in two Premier League games. Nacer Chadli netted a brace, and Emmanuel Adebayor managed to get himself on the scoresheet.

The third goal was the highlight for Spurs as they put together a fantastic 48 pass move before Erik Lamela cut the ball back before Nacer Chadli headed into the back of the net. Spurs were top of the table after two week as a result.

Tottenham 3-0 AEL Limossol (Agg: 5-1)

A convincing win at The Lane. What better way to prepare for a big clash with Liverpool the following Sunday. Harry Kane, Andros Townsend and a rare goal from Paulinho helped Tottenham to a 5-1 win aggregate win over AEL Limossol.

Despite missing an early first half penalty, Harry Kane bounced back to score the opener, and his second in as many games in the Europa League as Spurs progressed to the group stages of Europe’s secondary competition.

Tottenham 0-3 Liverpool

There was much optimism heading into the first big match of the season for Mauricio Pochettino and his Tottenham side. However, after a bright start in the first five minutes, Liverpool took the lead and went on to secure a 3-0 victory at White Hart Lane.

The performance was shambolic in places, and was incredibly frustrating to watch, as Pocehttino fell to his first defeat in the Tottenham hotseat. This is how the Premier League table stood after August.



The honeymoon period for Pochettino was now over, and a disappointing month was to follow after a solid August. September had just one win in all competitions, but a North London derby win just eluded us, after we took the lead at the Emirates.

Sunderland 2-2 Tottenham:

Two goals right at the start of each half was not enough to take all three points back home at we drew 2-2 with Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. Nacer Chadli gave us an early lead before Adam Johnson hit back just a few minutes later.

Christian Eriksen fired us back into the lead three minutes into the second period, but a Sunderland free-kick unfortunately rebounded off Harry Kane and into the back of the net. It was a game that could have been won, and will be seen as two points dropped rather than a point gained.

Partizan Belgrade 0-0 Tottenham

This was a match that we should really be winning, whether we are home or away, regardless of the pitch or anything else, with the quality of the players at Spurs, we should be beating these sort of teams convincingly.

We failed to find a way through as Federico Fazio made his Tottenham debut, keeping a clean sheet in the progress. However, it was a disappointing European night for us.

Tottenham 0-1 West Brom

Despite having 62% of the ball, we still fell to a pretty crushing 0-1 defeat at home to West Brom, and rather surprisingly had more shots on goal than us as a winless September carried on.

James Morrison fired in a second half header to condemn us to defeat at White Hart Lane, and it was rather characteristic of Tottenham over the last few years, because at the time, West Brom were in huge trouble under the management of Alan Irvine.

Tottenham 3-1 Nottingham Forest

We came from behind to progress to the next round of the Capital One Cup, with a 3-1 win over Nottingham Forest. Jorge Grant put the visitors into the lead before Ryan Mason, Roberto Soldado and Harry Kane put us into the next round.

This game marked the emergence of young midfielder Ryan Mason, as he scored a wonderful thirty yard goal to put us level on the night. However, it was slightly worrying that it took a Forest goal to get us going.

Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham

This was the game that Nacer Chadli silenced the crowd in the Emirates Stadium, well almost silenced, as the cheers rang out from the away end when the Belgian fired Spurs into the lead in the North London derby.

Unfortunately, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would level things up as the first derby of the season ended in a draw, but we defended quite well as we comfortably dealt with the threat of the Arsenal attack. This is how the table stood after September.


Spurs’ Player Of The Season – The Contenders

For Spurs, 2014/15 has been a season of highs, lows, great moments and big changes and full of many players who’ve been extremely impressive some expected, whilst others have come from nowhere to be brilliant this season.

Only 5 made our shortlist for Player Of The Season so here are the contenders!


Harry Kane

The Tottenham wonder boy has won the hearts of every Lilywhite fan all over the world. The lovable pin-up boy has emerged from the academy to deliver world-class showings against the best England has. His two goals and mauling of Terry & Cahill on New Year’s Day showed everyone that he is and will remain a class player. Then his brace to win the North London derby on his first ever appearance in the fixture was just fairytale stuff. Ended the season with 21 goals, the Premier League 2nd highest goalscorer, winning the PFA Young Player Of The Year award and winning his first England cap and the matter of scoring 79 seconds into his England debut too! Harry should be proud of everything he’s achieved cause we all are.

Hugo Lloris

The true Captain of White Hart Lane has once again shown his outstanding quality in nearly every match for Spurs in every competition, win/lose/draw. The number of saves that he can make that most keepers can only dream of pulling off has won us points on many occasions that it’s almost started to become a habit that if we’re struggling at the back, you know Hugo will be there to sweep up behind.

Christian Eriksen

The mercurial Dane has time and again been the architect of our team’s all-round play and has created many of our chances in most match this season. The other highlight of Eriksen is the amount of late winning goals he’s contributed to the side throughput the campaign, especially through the middle of the season. Last minute/winning goals in games against Southampton, Hull, Swansea, Leicester, Sunderland and the double in the Cup Semi-Final vs Sheffield Utd, all gfames that we struggled in, our No.23 showed his class to produce the magic we needed to come through in those fixtures.

Nacer Chadli

The Belgian was viewed at the start of the season as a man who would only be a bit part player and someone who maybe could even be sold. But his season has been very impressive and the attacking midfielder is now one of the first names on the team sheet. He made his intentions clear early on when he scored twice in our opening home game when we won 4-0 vs QPR and he continued that rich vein of goalscoring throughout this campaign ending as 2nd highest scorer in the Premier League.

Danny Rose

The most surprising inclusion on the list by far. The improvement of the much maligned LB has been nothing short of fantasy-style. Through a combination of a manager’s belief and competition for his position, Danny Rose has matured into one of the most solid and consistent defenders at the club. A year ago everyone wanted him sold, now it would be not good at all if he did go. He added goals more regularly to his game this season and his defending in all areas has been improved dramatically and Spurs fans at last feel confident in Rose to deliver good performances every week for Spurs.

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Player Ratings: Everton 0-1 Spurs

We ended our up and down season with a solid 1-0 win over Everton and our first win at Goodison since 2007. This win combined with Liverpool’s mauling at Stoke means that we finish in 5th position.

Hugo Lloris (4/5) Had to make a few decent saves in the game, getting down to a low Mirallas shot and then denying Galloway from close range. Good to see one of our best players end the season with a clean sheet.

Eric Dier (4.5/5)- Looks to be real young talent and played extremely well at RB today, has shown his underrated crossing ability in recent weeks and further reminded fans of it today, swinging in a wonderful cross for Harry Kane to nod home. Solid all game.

Jan Vertonghen (4.5/5)- Solid and reliable all game. Made some crucial blocks and was commanding at the back all game. With a proper partner next season he could be back to his best under Poch in time.

Federico Fazio (4/5)- One of his easier games as he didn’t get the challenge he may have expected from Lukaku but anything that did come his way he dealt with comfortably

Nabil Bentaleb (4.5/5)- Left back? No problem. Nabil was superb at full back and despite playing in a different position his awareness and composure remained as high as ever as he nullified the threat of Coleman and when he got the chance was an outlet going forward.

Ryan Mason (4.5/5)- A tireless and committed performance from the man who earned another England call up this week. Kept things ticking over and set up many an attack after winning the ball back. A good reminder of the season he has had after a below average few months.

Mousa Dembele (3.5/5)- His first start for a while and it may be his last ever game for the club. Decent on the ball but probably not quite the impact he was hoping for in order to keep himself in the managers plans for next season.

Christian Eriksen (4/5)- Anonymous in the last few weeks so it was good to see Christian more involved in our attacking play once again. Neat and tidy and was at the centre of all we did well second half. Good end to a good if a tad inconsistent season for the Dane.

Erik Lamela (4/5)- His performances last few weeks have shown he has a future at the club. Played some neat passes to keep us going in attack and was unlucky to be denied by a brilliant save from Howard in the first half. Next season is key for him.

Nacer Chadli (3/5)- Fairly anonymous game for the Belgian, put himself about but failed to make a sufficient impact. A great season none the less

Harry Kane (4/5)- After a mild goal drought, Kane must have been wondering if he would get another goal to cap off his superb breakthrough season. It duly arrived as he displayed his killer instinct yet again to nod home the only goal of the game. Held the ball up well aswell. Incredible season.


Benjamin Stambouli (3.5/5)- Came on for Dembele to shore things up, and did a decent job stopping Everton gain any momentum in their search for an equaliser.

Roberto Soldado/ Andros Townsend (NA)- Both brought in to eat up the clock with barely any time left, neither could make an impact.

Everton v Spurs: Team News And Prediction

Competition: Barclays Premier League
Venue: Goodison Park
Date: Sunday 24th May 2015
Kick Off: 15:00 BST

Team News:

Everton could finally pick out of contract Sylain Distin for his Goodison farewell, but that all depends on whether he has fully recovered from his illness. Aaron Lennon is ineligible against his parent club, whilst Alcaraz, Hibbert, Pienaar, Baines, Oviedo and Gibson on the sidelines.

Spurs will be without Emannuel Adebayor as the striker have been given a compassionate leave, which I don’t think will bother anyone to be honest. Vale Chriches remains suspended (again, no one really thinks that’s a bad thing), Walker and Davies both remain injured (foot and shoulder). Vorm could miss out, after coming down with an illness, meaning Brad Freidal could have a place on the bench.

Predicted line ups:
Howard; Coleman, Stones, Jagielka, Garbutt; McCarthy, Barry; Miralles, Osman, Barkley; Lukaku

Lloris; Rose, Vertonghen, Fazio, Dier; Mason, Bentaleb; Chadli, Eriksen, Lamela; Kane

Predicted Score: 2-2 (Going for a Desmond!)

3 Key Players For Spurs To Beat Everton On Sunday

After a season filled with extraordinary highs and very downbeat lows, Spurs 2014/15 PL season draws to it’s conclusion as we travel one final time this season. Up to Goodison Park to face Everton. After breaking our barren run of form with victory in our last match against Hull City, Mauricio Pochettino will be aiming to end his first season in charge of the Lilywhites with victory, but he’ll need the influence of key players to achieve that.

Danny Rose – Someone who we couldn’t wait to tear into for his poor performances is no a player who we laud seemingly every week for his continued improvements. Easily our most consistent defender in the home stretch of games this season. His impressive MOTM display vs Hull cemented his status as No.1 LB at Spurs and the quality of his goal is very impressive for someone of his position. He’ll need to be at attacking and defensive best against the Toffees who possess great counter-attacks.

Nabil Bentaleb – The Algerian midfield engine has time and again bossed our midfield throughout this season. His maturity has been amazing as he has shown the presence to win tackles and break-up play, but he’s also proven he has qualities to contribute to the forwards and influence games. He’ll need to be at his best to hold off the likes of Mirallas and Lukaku on Sunday.

Erik Lamela – When all the others around him are mentally on holiday, it’s been the record signing who’s so struggled to impress, who has stepped up his game. His assist and overall display last week vs Hull was one of his best in a Spurs shirt and may have given him hope of maybe staying at White Hart Lane beyond the end of this season. He’ll have to keep up his improvement if we’re to collect all 3 points on Sunday.


Tottenham complete first signing of the summer!

Tottenham Hotspur have completed their first signing of the summer with Kevin Wimmer joining the club, according to Sky Sources.

The Austrian International will join the club in June on a four-year-deal and will cost the club around £4million. Wimmer claimed after Cologne’s game with Wolfsburg this afternoon that he had completed the deal and was ‘looking forward to playing for Tottenham Hotspur’.

This marks the beginning of Mauricio Pochettino’s transfer plans, with a young and hungry defender being bought, maybe replacing Vlad Chiriches and/or Younes Kaboul, defenders who Pochettino has made perfectly clear that he doesn’t want them at the club.

The 22 year old also said that ‘he doesn’t mind playing Europa League football next season’, which is great considering that Pochettino is looking to win the Europa League next season. This move also shows how Daniel Levy is confident of giving the manager the power to buy his own players, moving that responsibility away from Sporting Director Franco Baldini.

At the end of Cologne’s game today, Wimmer gave his farewells, emotional as they were, and he left the stadium looking to make his way to White Hart Lane to be apart of the new look Pochettino team next season.

Emmanuel Adebayor Lifts The Lid In Suicide Thoughts And Death Threats

If you thought you’d heard it all about Emmanuel Adebayor’s personal life stories, then you were wrong. He’s recently launched another attack on his Facebook page about the personal grumblings he’s endured. After telling 2 separate stories, one of his mother’s obsession of him providing money for the family and even barring him from seeing family members, and the second one of his brother stealing mobile phones and football boots and gifts that Adebayor had provided for the people of his country, but if you believed that was crazy enough, then you ain’t heard nothing yet.

In his latest rant he accused his own brothers Peter and Kola of holding a knife to his throat whilst he was playing for Monaco. He claims that he went to sleep one night and then woke up the next morning with his life in danger at the hands of his own blood.

“I was really tired from work and went to sleep relatively early. Then I woke up and a knife was held to my throat. As I opened my eyes, both of my brothers were there. They were shouting and they claimed that I was wasting their time. Peter was going mad and Kola was supporting. “I asked them: ‘Is this the only way to solve this issue? If yes, then kill me and take the money. It was only at that moment that Peter then dropped the knife.”

Adebayor also claimed that his other brother Kola accused him for the death of Peter, who died in July 2013, for not providing sufficient funds to support him. The Togo striker has stated that he considered taking his own life on numerous occasions over the years. He’s stated that he’s revealing the truth of his past so that others learn from his troubles.

“Many times I physically and mentally wanted to give up and throw in the towel. Ask my sister Iyabo Adebayor how many times I have called and was ready to commit suicide. I’ve been to places so dark that most people can’t understand. I’ve kept these stories for years, but if I die, there will be no-one who will be able to read my story, no-one would learn from it.”

“Some people say I should keep these stories private but someone has to sacrifice themselves, someone has to talk about it. I know people would relate to my story and others would learn from it. For everyone who knows me, I’d do anything for my country and for my people. My final message from the younger brother to the older brother: Quit smoking and quit drinking. That was my story.”

The bizarre rants have left Spurs chiefs very worried that Mauricio Pochettino will be unable to shift the over £170,000-a-week striker off their books during the summer transfer window. It is reported that Chairman Daniel Levy would even be willing to pay Adebayor £2million to get the Togo forward out of White Hart Lane before next season.