Player Ratings | Fresh Spurs - Part 4

Player Ratings

Player Ratings: Newcastle 1-3 Spurs

In a game where Tottenham were very relaxed and Newcastle had other issues on their mind, it was never going to be pretty. But Spurs played their game from the first minute and capitalized on a wandering Newcastle team who are still without a win in 5. Even Paulinho got Man of the Match! Plus Harry Kane became the first Tottenham Hotspur player to score 30 goals in a single season since Gary Linekar in 1991-1992, so despite the dire game, there are some positives.

Michel Vorm- 6

Newcastle hardly threatened the Spurs goal and when they did, the scored, but Vorm had a solid game, despite the goal. It’s nice to know that even when Lloris isn’t able to play we have a good keeper who can organize a defense and keep the fans positive that we have a good backup on standby.

Eric Dier- 6

Similar to Vorm, Dier dealt with the danger of Perez, Cabella and Obertan well enough when called up and showed that he is slowly developing into a good central defender, as well as a good right back who is defensively more competent than Walker, more experienced than Yedlin and just flat out better than Chiriches. Some maybe calling for an England call up for Dier, seeing as he is already an integral part of the under 21 set up.

Federico Fazio- 6

Fazio was better than last week, which to be fair wasn’t exactly hard to better. He was part of a pretty solid defensive performance, and dealt with Perez’s threat with ease and showed how strong his and Vertonghen’s partnership is. In a slow game, the pace and style of the game really suited him and his style of play.

Jan Vertonghen- 6

Similar to Fazio, he returned with style as the attack of Newcastle was stifled with relative ease. Our best partnership at the back is most likely Vertonghen and Fazio and it showed here today. Not much to comment on except from the fact this man is the vice captain and not Harry Kane.

Danny Rose- 6

Again, another great showing from Rose as he bombed up the left flank and supplied Chadli with a good outside option. His development over the course of the season shows how far he has come from “that goal” against Arsenal. Maybe a starting place ahead of Leighton Baines in the England squad?

Nabil Bentaleb- 8

Had a good game overall, yet again, showing why he is one of the first names on the team sheet. Simple passes coupled with subtle moments of pure class show why he should have been nominated for PFA Young Player of the Year. One of the players who really showed his worth in the match.

Paulinho- 8

Its true It’s true, Paulinho did get Man of the Match and did have an absolute blinder, but one thought that seemed to come up a lot was whether a move was on the horizon. Either way, it was refreshing to see him put in such a good performance.

Nacer Chadli- 7

Sporting his new Samurai hair bun, Chadli repeated his feat from last season by scoring against Newcastle at St. James Park. His strike from outside the box was the pinnacle of his game as he was rather subdued in the second half before being replaced for Mousa Dembele.

Christian Eriksen- 7

In the first half, Eriksen started off brightly but never did much in terms of creativity, but when the second half came, he seemed to wake up. His goal from the free kick managed to fly past everyone including Tim Krul and capped off a good game for the Dane.

Erik Lamela- 4

There is only so much time that Spurs fans can defend this man. Time after time, they stick up for him whilst he does near enough nothing in every game except give away the ball and run around. I think his time Is up at the club, as he isn’t getting any better, and for £30 million, he shouldn’t need time to settle in no matter his age or price tag.

Harry Kane- 7

The first striker since Gary Linekar to reach 30 goals for Tottenham, Harry Kane is proving to be an icon similar to what Robbie Keane was to kids my age. His strike this afternoon capped off a great week where he was voted both PFA Player’s Player and Young Player of the Year. Lets just hope we keep hold of him for a couple a years and hope he becomes a legend at the club.


Ben Davies – 6

Added a solid full back performance to his young career and showed that he can be a useful back up if Rose was to ever get injured.

Mousa Dembele- 6

Showed that he is one of the creative midfielders that the club needs whenever the team need a genius late on in games.

Ryan Mason- 5

Came on late on in the day to sure up the midfield and add some solidity towards the end. Also was up in support with Kane prior to Kane’s strike for the third goal.

Player Ratings: Spurs 0-1 Aston Villa

Frustration. It’s a word that is associated with Tottenham Hotspur too often this season. After today’s match with Aston Villa, it almost shows that no matter who the manager is, or who the players are, it seems to be something that will always be with the club. Christian Benteke won the game for Villa, which is a monumental victory for them, but from Spurs’ point of view, it’s two poor performances in games we should’ve won. The game was rather sloppy from Spurs, and in the second half there was a distinct lack of effort, which was the main gripe for the Twitter fans.

Michel Vorm: 6-

Despite conceding, he was very good with certain distribution, good commanding of his area, and stopped the result from being even worse by saving a Fabian Delph effort late on. Vorm’s performance was one of the shining lights of the game.

Vlad Chiriches: 4-

Chiriches is just plain awful! I hate being so negative about our players, but it doesn’t seem like he has the ability to pass the ball 5 yards. Not up to it at all today and doesn’t seem to be up for the pace and power of the Premier League, and will most likely be sold in the summer if anyone actually comes in for him.

Federico Fazio: 4-

Again, another player who doesn’t seem capable of cutting it in the Premier League. Failing to mark Benteke properly in the build up to the goal, he looked to be capable of slipping up at any second. Fazio never has looked to be able to get to grips with the style of English football and always come across as if he’s constantly playing in slow motion.

Eric Dier: 5-

Rather ineffective throughout the game. Whenever called upon, dealt with the pressure with relative ease, but didn’t show any signs of promise for the future. Maybe he just plays better with Vertonghen, but Dier doesn’t seem to be the player he and the club thought he would be by this time.

Danny Rose: 7-

Yet again, Danny was our best player. He showed the most energy, passion, drive and wanted to get forward and create for the team. Unfortunately, no one was on the end of his crosses and was unable to affect the others. My Man of the Match for the third game in a row.

Ryan Mason: 4-

Poor performance when a midfield general was really needed today. I had to double check to see if he was even on the pitch he was that quiet. Ryan seems to have gone way off the boil a of late, and if his performances don’t improve quickly, then maybe it’s time to ask whether he is good enough to be a starter at the club.

Nabil Bentaleb: 5-

Similarly to Mason, a very quiet performance and very ineffective. Nothing creative at all from Nabil, and showed signs of fatigue throughout the second half. Maybe it’s time to shuffle that midfield around, to freshen things up.

Christian Eriksen: 5-

Tried to create for Harry Kane in the first half and had some shots of his own, but the passes never made it through, and the shots were high, wide and not at all handsome. The midfield area shows how desperately Tottenham need some capable bench players, as Eriksen was a little bit tired towards the end of the match. It seems that Pochettino’s fast pressing style is really affecting the players in the final run in of the season.

Nacer Chadli: 5-

No determination or desire at all today. Chadli, who is often accused of being inconsistent and not tracking back, was invisible for a period in the first half and the majority of the second half until he was subbed off.

Andros Townsend: 5-

Andros tried to take on players in the first half, but once he realized he was in for a tough game, he almost looked to give up. He tried to up the tempo, but didn’t fancy a challenge today, so gave in. Townsend’s performance sums up the whole game for Tottenham quite frankly.

Harry Kane: 5-

Kane is in desperate need of a rest. He is clearly worn out, but is forced to play, as we don’t have anyone capable of replacing him. Relies heavily on service from the three behind him, but when that services isn’t there, then he can’t win games, and cant boss around defenders like he wants.


Roberto Soldado: – N/A-

Subbed on for Chadli, did nothing at all and was forced out wide where he clearly isn’t comfortable. Whether it was his personal choice to go out wide so Kane is the lone striker, or instructions from the manager, it should never, ever be done again.

Erik Lamela: – N/A

Subbed on for Andros Townsend, immediately drifted out of the game and was useless in his 11 minute cameo.

DeAndre Yedlin: – N/A

Subbed on for Chiriches, Twitter hyped up Yedlin for months and months, and when he finally came on, he was out muscled and floored by Kieran Richardson. Maybe after a few games he will show his potential, but today wasn’t his day.

Player Ratings: Burnley 0-0 Tottenham

When I sat down today in front of my TV eating the Easter egg my girlfriend got me, I didn’t expect to see the type of game I saw today. The pace of the game was slow, the crowd at Turf Moor didn’t seem up for the midday kickoff, and even the commentators seemed to be a bit bored after a while. Quite frankly, the only good thing of note was the sunshine! But nevertheless, the loyal Spurs fans stuck by them, and Twitter was as colourful as always, and the players lined up to play Burnley on Easter Sunday.

With very little to talk about, Tottenham controlled in large parts of the game, but occasionally looked vulnerable at the back. In hindsight, both teams will look back at the game infuriated that neither side could take the initiative and lead on the front foot. Both sides lacked the cutting edge in the final 20 yards, and whenever Spurs broke on the counter or had a decent spell of possession, it was wasted by laughable incidents like ‘that’ Paulinho shot.

Both teams will have to look at this game as a point earned rather than any lost, or even any gained for that matter.

Michel Vorm: – 6-

In dire matches, the goalkeepers need to always keep focused and not be swayed by the tempo of the game, and Vorm did that exceptionally well today. When he was called upon, such as the Danny Ings effort minutes before halftime showed that even with our club captain Hugo Lloris out, we can rely on our backup, and he even got a clean sheet!

Kyle Walker: – 2-

I try to be as positive about Spurs as I can, but when I see a player put in a performance like Walker did today, it makes me wonder how he got into the England squad this week. Everything he did today didn’t work, and really showed his lack of positioning and knowledge of defending. Walker does frustrate sometimes, but his substitution due to injury was probably the best thing that happened to Spurs in the game.

Eric Dier: – 6-

Dier performed really well against a potentially tricky attacking unit from Burnley and continues to show his worth to the squad. It’s refreshing to see a top quality English Centre back really work on his trade constantly, especially at Tottenham where the habit of buying average/poor defenders is becoming strong.

Vlad Chiriches: -5-

Chiriches didn’t really make any mistakes, yet at the same time, he never really had anything to, or was ever troubled, similarly to Dier. When the team was announced that Chiriches was starting, I have to admit I wasn’t too happy, but after his display today, it proved to be the right decision.

Danny Rose: (My Man of the Match)- 6/7-

Yet again, Rose shined as the best player of the game, as he dealt with any danger exceptionally well, as well as attempting to start any attacks on the left, and bringing others into play. It was hard to choose a Man of the Match, but Danny was one of few to really put in a good shift today.

Ryan Mason: – 5-

After getting his first England cap in midweek, Ryan Mason was probably full of confidence, but unfortunately it didn’t show in his performance today. He didn’t really control the game at all but put in some good challenges, but continues the recent trend of seemingly running out of steam early on in games.

Nabil Bentaleb: – 5/6-

If it weren’t for his ghost-like showing in the second half, Bentaleb would have been my Man of the Match. He showed in the first half why I named him as one of the key players for Tottenham this weekend by controlling the game, spreading the play and trying to force Eriksen and Chadli to get more involved.

Nacer Chadli: – 5-

Yet another player who didn’t do much wrong, yet didn’t do much at all. He tried to force himself to attack, but it became apparent he just didn’t feel up to it, and further adding to the claim that he needs to add more effort into his game.

Christian Eriksen: – 5-

Similarly to Chadli, Eriksen didn’t seem mentally up for it today, and it showed through the first half, however he did show signs of positivity with efforts that either flew over the bar or hit a defender and really didn’t offer much consistently in the match.

Paulinho: – 4-

Paulinho is a sign as to why Franco Baldini shouldn’t be in charge of transfers. ‘That’ show showed how poor he really was today. He was invisible in the first half and whenever he did get the ball he either passed it sideways or gave it away. Not much to say about his performance apart from him being a proven waste of money.

Harry Kane: – 5-

Despite captaining the side today, Kane never really showed any signs of scoring, mainly due to a lack of service from the supporting attack. On any other day, he probably could’ve have pouched a goal or two, but today just wasn’t his day.


Ben Davies: – 4-

Apart from a few nervous moments towards the end of the game, Davies put in a solid shift at Centre back after coming on for Kyle Walker just after the half time break.

Andros Townsend: N/A

I’ve decided not to give Andros a mark, simply because he wasn’t on the pitch long enough to make any sort of impact.

Erik Lamela: – 4-

I actually felt this game was made for Lamela, as he is capable of a spark of magic, despite how rare it is for Tottenham. But unfortunately, he wasn’t able to create anything of any note and almost withered into the bleakness of the game.

Spurs 4-3 Leicester: Player Ratings

Lloris N/A – Injured in the first minute, big shame, hopefully not serious.

Rose 8 – Easily our best defender again today, got free on the left with good crosses, won balls in the air, showed great reaction to get to the ball and win the penalty and the few times he was caught upfield he recovered well and won possession back. His improvement continues to get more impressive this season.

Vertonghen 5 – Looked too complacent, gave away the ball sloppily too often, his step-out resulted in Leicester’s first goal and was found sleeping when Leicester counter-attacked us. Needs to step up in these last few games and get his head togeteher.

Dier 7 – Very composed on the ball, great flick to set-up the first goal, could’ve won more in the air. Made an attack that led to a Chadli chance when he battled for the ball and then kept going forward. Won more aerial balls in the last quarter of the game as Leicester tried to prey on what had been our weakness all game.

Walker 5 – Bad day at the office. Made the tackle that, inadvertently led to Hugo’s injury, gave away the ball cheaply, made silly fouls all game. Beaten too easily by Schlupp on a run that eventually led to the second Leicester goal, and while he made an important block soon after on the same move, the corner led to Morgan’s goal.

Mason 6 – Showed energy but often mistimed his challenges which resulted in Leicester breaking on us. Like Bentaleb, was missing when we didn’t have the ball, and we needed to win possession back well before it got anywhere near our nervy defence.

Bentaleb 6 – Looked very leggy today, was lethargic in his play and was too slow to the tackle too many times which resulted in us giving the ball way cheaply, one player who needs this two-week break coming up.

Townsend 6 – Didn’t get down the wings and use his pace often enough to be effective on the right. Was his corner that led to the first goal, but created little going forward but didn’t make any major errors defensively.

Eriksen 7 – Had a brilliant effort that hot the post, found little pockets to make his passes effective and nearly fed Kane through several times, if it weren’t for blocks from defenders.

Chadli 5 – Was not at the races, lost the ball when we were in good positions and got booked for simulation as well, often failed to back-track his runner on the left which left Rose exposed, had two great goal shots which he skewed. I think the loss of his father has really affected him, hasn’t been the same since then, hopefully Nacer through this bad patch of form.

Kane 9 – MOM, I’m running out of great things to say about Harry. Classic poachers finish for the first goal, showed great touch to get his shot away for the second goal and cool penalty to complete the hat-trick. Won the ball well, held it up, tackled hard, there seems to be nothing that he can’t do. Take a bow, Harry!


Vorm 6 – Thrown in at the deep end. Did well to save Nugent’s swerving volley, helpless for the first goal, could’ve reacted quicker for the second goal and misjudged his position for the third. But otherwise, swept up well and made some key saves at important points of the match.

Paulinho 6 – Did reasonably well when he came on. Calmed the tempo of the game down, was effective on the ball, managed to stop a lot of Leicester’s moves and kept the game ticking over nicely. Solid effort.

Dembele N/A – Came on to see the game out late on.


Player Ratings: Manchester United 3-0 Spurs

Shambolic defending was the main Tottenham downfall from the loss to Manchester United, as we look back at the players’ individual performances at Old Trafford.

Hugo Lloris – 4 – One save, one claim and conceded three. An all-too familiar case of being let down by those in front of him. Otherwise, didn’t have much else to do in the game.

Kyle Walker – 2 – One of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from Kyle in our colours. Walker looked like he’d never seen Young play before, and this is after struggling against him once or twice before too. He even got beaten for pace a few times and fouled the winger, while Rooney, Fellaini and Blind all tried to test him out and had success.

Eric Dier – 2 – Seemed to lose every header. Fellaini dominated and was the centre of Utd’s attacks. Slow to react to Carrick’s through ball for the first goal, while Fellaini set up the second goal by getting airborne ahead of Dier at the corner kick. Weak challenge on Rooney for the third goal.

Jan Vertonghen – 3 – Poor performance considering his role as a senior player. Despite winning four aerial duels, like Dier – failed to win a single tackle. Had to step out in the build-up to the first goal, but that was a symptom of our lack of pressing more than a mistake by him.

Danny Rose – 4 – Probably our best player in a mistake-ridden defence. At least there was a few times where he got physical while he also made a goal saving challenge when the Spaniard was waiting to tap in at the back post. Made a few decent crosses in the second half that an attacker should really have gotten on the end of.

Ryan Mason – 3 – Unable to assert any authority during the game and was chasing shadows during the opening 45. That being said, worked hard. Had maybe our best chance when he shimmied past a player but dragged the shot wide. Was near the ball along with Walker when Carrick headed home and could have reacted quicker.

Nabil Bentaleb – 3 – An uncharacteristically nervy game from Nabil today. Only made one tackle and was woeful his passing. Given a real masterclass by former Spurs Michael Carrick. The game passed him by today as he only had the space to pass backwards or across, and it was one of these that led to the third goal.

Andros Townsend – 2 – Sacrificed early on due to him and Walker getting mauled down the right. Runs and works hard, but seems to be no precision in his pressing. there was at least three times that there was a loose ball to be won and he watched as a Utd player earned it back each time, not on.

Nacer Chadli – 2 – Often a bystander who can get you a goal, today he was just a bystander. Tried a few dribbles that were dealt with without fuss, while his reaction to the header for the second goal could have been a lot quicker and led to a clearance.

Christian Eriksen – 3 – Unable to get on the ball and make things happen. Too easily marked/crowded out of the game by United, which has become a feature in recent games with Eriksen. Will have to make himself harder to shut out in future.

Harry Kane – 4 – Got very little service today, that being said – when on the ball, Kane was wasteful at times. Didn’t trouble Smalling or Jones, despite a surge and shot late on. Decent shot towards the near post that almost squirmed through De Gea’s legs.


Mousa Dembele – 3 – You could argue that Mousa came on when the game was already lost. Didn’t power-house through the United midfield as he’d done in past fixtures. Only had one successful dribble, but made three fouls.

Erik Lamela – 3 – Worked hard when he came on. Made three tackles and had one successful dribble. Couldn’t make an influence.

Emmanuel Adebayor – N/A – Had little time to influence the game.

Spurs 3-2 Swansea: Player Ratings

Lloris 7 – By his high standards he’ll be disappointed by the Swansea goal; must have thought all angles were covered with Ki wide of the goal, but the midfielder found the space between Lloris’ legs to score. But he saved us two points at the death with an unbelievable save from Fernandez’s header, virtually pulled it out of the net.

Rose 7 – A very solid calm performance from Rose. Made a brilliant tackle to win the ball first, which then led to a counter-attack and then a great cross for our opening goal. Always had his defensive side covered and managed very weel with every Swansea attack whilst he was on.

Vertonghen 6 – Involvement in the Swansea goal as he miskicked his right footed clearance and Ki took control to score from an acute angle. Good clearing header as he ran towards his own goal but overall still looked a bit uncomfortable when defending our area.

Dier 6 – Gave away the free-kick that led to Swansea’s first goal but otherwise was very competent and is showing great maturity and confidence for a young CB. Very strong in the air and covered the ground well rarely losing a tackle all game, a very bright future ahead for young Eric.

Walker 6 – Started very well as he had a lot of space to get forward and deliver good crosses and showed a constant threat going forwards. Was comfortable until Montero came on when he really struggled to deal with his trickery in the closing stages of the game.

Mason 8 – Scored our second goal as he trailed the run of Eriksen and picked up the ball in the area before finishing emphatically into the roof of the net. Was constantly making runs into the box trying to give us options, very quick and decisive on the ball throughout.

Bentaleb 8 – Dictated the pace of the midfield with his tackles and his work rate off the ball. Won the ball that led to our 3rd goal, was in the action all the way, had a good shot at goal too which was well saved early on.

Townsend 7 – Consistently tried to get inside and shoot, unsuccessfully several times, kept working hard before he got it right in the 2nd half, brilliant quick run and clever cut-back onto his right foot to score, one of his better displays tonight.

Eriksen 7 – First half he struggled to get into things and was shut down by Swansea’s narrow defence, much better second half, his runs and passing range dominated the game, his run created our 2nd goal and he found his groove and was running the game like we know he can.

Chadli 8 – Superb one-touch finish to score the opener, such skill to finish that off. Could’ve had a second too after Kane played him through but he was offside. Always looked like a goal threat cutting in from the wings, inside and his shots were always near the target.

Kane 6 – Seems like PL sides are starting to pay attention to Harry and are trying to shut him out of the game. Made Fabianski kick the ball out of play at least twice with his closing down work. Had 2 very good headers which both sailed off target.

Player Ratings: Chelsea 2-0 Spurs

Despite falling to a disappointing 2-0 loss at the hands of Chelsea in the Capital One Cup final, Spurs fans can feel positive about the future after we observed a young Mauricio Pochettino side put in a decent performance against a very strong Chelsea side.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about after out 2-0 loss at Wembley, and we can look forward to the future we rate the players.

Hugo Lloris – 6/10. Wasn’t awfully busy and made a few good saves. Both goals deflected beyond him. Could possibly have done better for the second in terms of his usually cat-like reflexes, but that’s harsh on our best player. Must hold on to him.

Kyle Walker – 6/10. Was tasked with dealing with Hazard and limited the Chelsea man to passing infield on many occasions. Was slightly hampered with injury and this lessened his impact on the game. Good to see a player soldier on.

Eric Dier – 8/10. A very mature performance from the young Englishman. Was arguably lucky not to get a second yellow but his original caution was harsh. Dealt well enough with Costa.

Jan Vertonghen – 7/10. Not spectacular but solid as ever from Jan. Forming a good partnership with Dier as well as having a good record with Fazio. A definite leader on the field today.

Danny Rose – 7/10. Another good attacking performance and he looked fairly comfortable dealing with Willian on the whole. Also nice to see a bit of steel about him, he’s been very impressive under Pochettino.

Nabil Bentaleb – 8/10. My personal man of the match and another good performance from our young Algerian. Completed 92% of his passes and kept things ticking over in midfield. A sloppy pass here or there was often recovered well, accompanied by some great tackles. He’s grown immensely under Pochettino, too.

Ryan Mason – 6/10. Good first half from the 24 year old but his influence was lessened as the game went on. Some very intricate passes and runs but didn’t impact the game with his usual exuberance.

Andros Townsend – 6/10. A quiet game from Andros, who had to aid Walker in keeping Hazard at bay. A couple of good runs and crosses but was limited when Mourinho began to pull players back. Very effective on the counter, especially on a big pitch like Wembley.

Christian Eriksen – 7/10. Often accused of going quiet in the bigger games but had a much bigger impact today. Good passing and much better crossing. Unlucky not to score in the first half after his incredible free-kick bounced back off the bar.

Nacer Chadli – 6/10. A quieter game than New Year’s Day for the Belgian. Did well defensively, despite giving away the free-kick for the opening goal. Needs to try his luck more, he’s got a good shot on him.

Harry Kane – 6/10. Not his best performance whatsoever. His tendency to stray into offside positions is becoming frustrating and he perhaps needs to recycle the ball quicker, rather than repetitively attempting marauding runs. The stage was set for him today but a lack of support from those behind him and good defending lessened his impact. He’s on course for 30 goals this season, however.


Roberto Soldado – 5/10. Didn’t have much of an impact, bar two or three pin point crosses. A tough one for him as Chelsea had the bus parked by the time he came on.

Mousa Dembélé – 5/10. A few good passes but still adamant at passing backwards and sideways, a reason Mason starts ahead of him. Needs to be more adventurous.

Erik Lamela – N/A. I don’t feel he was on long enough to judge. A couple of good passes but a couple of poor touches too.

Mauricio Pochettino – 7/10. A very good starting line up that most agreed with. A good decision to play Lloris but on the day, the tactically astute Mourinho got the job done, despite the lack of expressive football. A lesson for Pochettino and his young side to learn from and one they will be better off as a result of. An overall good season that needs one last push.

Player Ratings – Fiorentina 2 – 0 Spurs (3-1 agg.)

jan fioren

Our European adventure came to a disappointing end at the hands of Serie A side Fiorentina tonight as individual errors cost a sloppy Spurs dearly.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side went into the clash at a disadvantage having conceded the away goal in last week’s 1-1 draw at White Hart Lane, but a period of early pressure saw Spurs in the driving seat for most of the first half.

The turning point came towards the end of the half when Roberto Soldado was sent clean through on the Fiorentina goal, before squandering a tap in for Nacer Chadli with a pathetically weak assist.

The Italians broke the deadlock in the second half when Mario Gomez capitalized upon Federico Fazio’s limp pass to slot past Hugo Lloris, before Jan Vertonghen had a similar moment of madness to allow Mohammed Salah in to seal the deal.

The Egyptian’s goal was the sucker punch that ended the tie and came with a hint of irony thanks to the winger’s loan from Chelsea…

Player Ratings

Hugo Lloris 6 – Little to do for the majority of the game but was beaten easily by Mario Gomez’s low finish. Thankfully the captain made it out of the game unscathed in time for Sunday…

Vlad Chiriches 6 – I thought he had an *alright* game at right-back considering it’s only his 2nd or 3rd game there this season, and some of his deliveries were surprisingly decent. Still a bit sketchy.

Jan Vertonghen 6 – Bad timing for Jan who has a big test ahead of him this weekend. Absolutely gifted Salah his goal having dealt with Gomez well in the majority. Subbed early-ish and is a cert for Wembley.

Federico Fazio 5 – A liability due to his (lack of) pace and responsibly solely for the Fiorentina first. Looks fairly likely that Eric Dier will regain his place in the side for the Cup final.

Ben Davies 6 – Disappointing final product and was dominated by the rapid Salah. Overlapped Chadli well in the first half but couldn’t pick out a man. Rose in.

Benjamin Stambouli 6 – Drifted in and out of the game with some moments of eyebrow-raising skill mixed in with the odd suicidal moment. The tricks are all well and good as long as they don’t hand the ball to the opposition…

Nabil Bentaleb 6 – Was involved in a lot of good in the first half, carrying the ball out more than his midfield partner. Subbed early also, meaning the Arch surely awaits for the mature 20-year-old.

Erik Lamela 5 – Back in Italy where he made his name (and pricetag), but again there was no final product from the Argentine. Way too lightweight for the system at the minute, and no shots at goal registered.

Christian Eriksen 6 – Certainly not the best performance I’ve seen from the Dane, who failed to create much in front of goal. Saving himself for Sunday? I hope so. Plus two of his free-kick hit the wall…

Nacer Chadli 6 – Carried the ball to the byline as much as anybody but couldn’t unleash at goal. The goals have dried up but Nacer has to start on Sunday for me.

Roberto Soldado 4 – I’ve said it before, but tonight might just have been the final straw for Bobby. His squandered chance for Chadli in the first half has to be seen to be believed and it didn’t get much better. Cue Capital One Cup Final hat-trick…


Andros Townsend 5 – Ran it into corners. Frustrating.

Harry Kane 5 – You can tell he’s trying hard when he’s got the ball on the halfway line. But had little impact.

Kyle Walker N/a

Player Ratings – Spurs 2 – 2 West Ham United

It was Harry Kane’s turn to be the late hero as he smashed home a 95th minute rebound to rescue a point in our North London Derby with West Ham.

Kane was felled by Hammers captain Alex Song with just seconds of the 5 minutes added time remaining, before he saw his weak penalty saved by Adrian. However the sprawling ‘keeper could do nothing to deny the Englishman’s 24th goal of the season as he followed it up from 2 yards.

Spurs had put in a shocker overall, with Cheikou Kouyate’s opener enhanced by Diafra Sakho’s second half finish thanks to some questionable defending.

However, Danny Rose’s scuffed volley found it’s way into the net with 10 minutes of normal time remaining to give Pochettino’s plucky side hope of yet another late show.

And the pressure paid off when John Moss pointed to the spot in the dying moments to break Hammers hearts.

Player Ratings

Hugo Lloris 6 – Saw a lot more of the ball than he usually does, but made some crucial saves to keep the score down. Namely his reactions stop from Enner Valencia with the score at 2-0.

Kyle Walker 6 – Made the odd break and as usual, relied on pace to amend his errors. Looked shy to get forward – as if still carrying a knock – and preferred to cut back rather than deliver on most occasions.

Jan Vertonghen 6 – Caught out of position for Kouyate’s goal, and missed a great chance from Christian Eriksen’s corner. Really should have dealt with that first goal.

Eric Dier 5 – Looked very uncomfortable, misplacing passes and getting the basics wrong. He’s certainly our long-term partner for Jan but today, like many, he was off the pace.

Danny Rose 6 – Would have been my man of the match were it not for his Fabian Barthez-esque calling for offside as Diafra Sakho made it 2-0. Scored a fairly lucky goal but was a threat going forward all game, even when it was just him.

Nabil Bentaleb 7 – Was my man of the match. Looked the best of all our midfielders despite his inexperience, and nearly cracked home a brilliant 25-yarder. Plays with such composure, even with Fat Sam’s 6 in midfield.

Ryan Mason 6 – Whole-hearted display from Mason again, who isn’t shy of goal it seems. Came close a few times but the decision to shoot was the wrong one on occasion.

Erik Lamela 5 – Another disappointing display from the one player we want to succeed more than any. Pushed off the ball so so easily, a gust of wind could have Lamela on the floor. Couldn’t get hold of it at all.

Mousa Dembele 3 – As shockers go, this one was the worst. Absolute stinker from Mousa who made way for Eriksen at half time. Responsible for the shambolic first goal.

Andros Townsend 6 – Pretty quiet as he goes, turning down the opportunities he had to go for goal. Predictably left-footed and failed to provide width despite some willing running.

Harry Kane 6 – Largely anonymous for most of the game, but the facts don’t lie! Kane found the net for the 12th time in 11 games, a ridiculous record in what is pretty much his debut season.


Christian Eriksen 6 – Although he didn’t necessarily do much, the whole game changed with the introduction of Christian. Whether that was down to mentality or tactics, I don’t know, but he needs to be playing.

Roberto Soldado 5 – A weird change considering we needed width, but Bobby did have a chance to win the game late on. He’ll fancy his chances over Kane from the spot next time…

Nacer Chadli N/a

Player Ratings: Spurs 1-1 Fiorentina

Not the type of game we’re used to seeing from Spurs this season; instead of a slow start and franetic finish, we got it the other way around in our 1-1 draw tonight. We had already looked threatening even before Soldado scored after 6 minutes, and the hopes that we could all but complete the job of qualifying in the first leg seemed possible, especially important when we have the cup final three days after the second leg in Florence.

However we did not make our dominance pay enough; Fiorentina had no answer for the combination of Townsend and Walker on the right side, but the final ball needed to be much better. And of course the finishing too, as Chadli will hold his hand up to.

Letting in a goal from one of Fiorentina’s few opportunities was galling, but it was expected that the flow of the game would continue and we would eventually respond. Instead, the Italians settled into the game and saw much more of the ball. Chances were spread evenly in the second half and it really could have gone either way. Our substitutions did not help to wrestle back control of the game and in the end a draw was pretty fair.

Hugo Lloris – 7 – Only made one save and had two claims to make. Will be disappointed to have conceded on the brink of half-time, after our control over the game early on. A free kick from deep caused trouble as it went over everyone, including him as he went for the punch/catch.

Kyle Walker – 7 – One of Walker’s better games today. Used his blistering pace to perfection and was instrumental in our domination down the right during the first-half. Combined nicely with Townsend on the overlap.

Federico Fazio – 7 – Never troubled by the height and hold-up play of Mario Gomez – winning 3 aerial duels and making 2 tackles. Could have been caught out by Salah on a few occasions, but improving. Good break-up of a long cross ball when Fiorentina broke away, and he was able to chest it back to Lloris.

Jan Vertonghen – 7 – Looking a lot more accomplished in defence – making 5 tackles tonight. Also very positive bringing the ball out from the back and calm in possession.

Ben Davies – 7 – Doesn’t have the pace of Rose, but is a very accomplished footballer. Tried to overplay when in the final third, but was unlucky not to get an assist with some decent crosses across the box. Possibly his best performance since he joined.

Paulinho -7 – Thought some were rather harsh with his analysis of the Brazilian. Was one of the key players in our strong first-half performance – always wanted the ball and positive in possession. Have to say that he looked pretty good and surprised me tonight.

Nabil Bentaleb -7 – Another complete performance from the Algerian – adding an element of balance to our side. Had 3 shots, made 3 tackles, had 3 successful dribbles and won one aerial duel. Importance cannot be underestimated.

Andros Townsend -7 – Full of confidence tonight – running and beating his man during a frantic opening half. Had 6 successful dribbles and two shots – and will be disappointed he didn’t get on the score-sheet.

Nacer Chadli – 7– One of the shining lights in our attacking four – composed on the ball and causing the Fiorentina defence all kinds of trouble. Made 3 successful dribbles and had two shots. Not bad, considering it was his first start since mid-January.

Christian Eriksen – 6– Not his most polished display – giving the ball away on several occasions with sloppy passes. Showed his slick class on a few occasions, and made up for the mistakes with a fantastic work ethic.

Roberto Soldado – 7 – Got himself on the score-sheet with a fantastic goal. Confidence was growing after the goal – evident by his audacious attempt of a bicycle-kick. Not as mobile as the other strikers to play in our system – but classy build-up play brings others into play, and did so tonight.


Harry Kane – 6 – Renewed optimism when he came on the field. Was too deep to get involved in any chances, but in those areas – picked up the ball to drive attacks forward.

Erik Lamela – N/A – Not on long enough to influence the game.

Ryan Mason – N/A – Not on long enough to influence the game.