This signing could win Tottenham the Premier League title

Tottenham are going well in the Premier League so far, but there is no question that they are missing something to become Premier League Champions, which should be the target in a season where a number of clubs are in with a chance of lifting the trophy as we approach the midpoint.

So often Tottenham’s hamstring as we move into the second half of the season has been Harry Kane’s inevitable injury. In a season where the games are crammed in more than ever, Spurs cannot afford to hope it doesn’t happen again.

The problem Tottenham have had in finding adequate back up for Kane is finding a player willing to play second fiddle to such an important part of the team. Game time is likely to be limited to some cup appearances, and standing in when Kane is injured. Signing a versatile forward like Wilfried Zaha would allow for Zaha to be satisfied with game time playing in wide areas alongside Kane and Son, and when Kane needs to be rested or is injured, Zaha provides a Premier League proven central option.

Signing Zaha would provide Spurs with a player ready to hit the ground running. Proven in the Premier League and now playing with a matured skillset, he is more rounded than when he signed for Manchester United and struggled to make an impact at a big club.

His primary purpose would of course not be as back up to Kane, it would be to start alongside him and Son in a mouth-watering attacking trio. Gareth Bale has struggled to impress at the club so far and Mourinho needs another top forward to help take Spurs to the next level. Tottenham have struggled to kill off games lately and the addition of Zaha would certainly give the squad another thorn to break opposition defences.