4 Reasons Tottenham Will Finish Ahead Of Arsenal This Season

3. Mauricio Pochettino

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I think a lot of Gooners would agree with this one. Despite Arsene Wenger’s brilliance in the past, he is outdated and so are some of his management methods. He continues to make the same mistakes and expects different results. Pochettino, on the other hand, is a young, innovative manager with new ideas and no fear of experimenting. I think he is certainly a better manager than Wenger at this stage. You could point to the squads collapse last season but I think that was more down to a lack of depth in the squad causing burnout. You also need to consider that Pochettino has much less money to play with than Arsene, he cannot buy players and put them on contracts worth more than £150,000 per week. Most of Tottenham’s starting eleven earn about half of what their opposite numbers do across the road, so you have to admit Pochettino is doing a rather good job at keeping pace with the Gunners considering the crazy economic climate in football right now.