4 Reasons Tottenham Will Finish Ahead Of Arsenal This Season

2. Harry Kane + Attacking Options

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Again, Arsenal don’t have a top quality centre forward like Tottenham. Whilst Spurs have Harry Kane, last seasons golden boot winner, Arsenal have 15 goal a season Olivier Giroud, and that’s literally it. They are yet to add an alternative attacking option leaving them with limited sources of goals. Tottenham have Vincent Janssen too now, giving them attacking diversity and alternatives. Kane, Janssen and the Tottenham defence mean that although the team may not have a midfield as glamorous as the Gunners, they have players that make them more efficient at both ends of the pitch, and that’s the only important thing at the end of the day. Surely the Gunners will strengthen their attack before the end of the window, but even if they do, Saturday’s 0-0 draw against Leicester City shows they have already lost points due to a lack of options up top, and they’ve given Tottenham a head start in the process.