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Tottenham May Need To Offer £100,000 For Quality Midfielder To Sign Contract

Tottenham will need to pay big money to keep hold of one of their star players this summer, the London Evening Standard has revealed.

The player in question is Christian Eriksen and according to the report he is only currently earning around £30,000 per week. That is incredibly low for a player of his quality, moving into the peak years of his career. His current contract expires in two years and the club have offered him an extension, but the player has rejected it.

Tottenham have managed to keep their wage bill relatively low with the likes of Harry Kane earning £50,000 per week, although reports indicate he will soon double his earnings – Hugo Lloris is thought to be the clubs top earner at this stage, earning around £80,000 per week. Compare that to the other top clubs in the Premier League and you’ll see that Tottenham pay a lot less than their competitors.

Eriksen remains keen on extending his contract at Tottenham, but he has rejected the clubs first offer of an extension, according to the London Evening Standard. They don’t speculate as to the value of that contract offer, but it is likely to have been in the region of £60,000 per week. The 24-year-old could extend his contract if he was offered something similar to Lloris’ £80,000 per week.

There are several players at Tottenham that could easily be earning more money elsewhere, and so far it is great to see the players choosing to stay with us rather than move elsewhere purely for financial purposes. Pochettino almost took this squad to a Premier League title last season and there is no football reason for any of these players to switch clubs. They will play in the Champions League next season and have another go at winning the title.


Daniel Levy likes to drive a good bargain in transfer negotiations and it seems that is also the case when it comes to negotiating contracts. Tottenham fans will hope that this attitude from Levy will not push players away from the club – as really, even if Eriksen is asking for £80,000, he could earn that without any negotiations at plenty of other top European clubs.

Aged 24, Eriksen is approaching the prime of his career and it is extremely important to tie him down for those years. He is a top quality midfielder that will interest plenty of other clubs. Levy should probably soften his negotiation approach when it comes to this one as we don’t want to lose Christian.

  • bob

    Sell him for 30 mill plus and buy a creative midfield captain such as Modric or Schneirderlin

    • wills

      Schneiderlin and Erikson are two differect players. Modric is not going to take anything less than a £100/wk, that is if we can even get him back. Also think of his age compared to Erikson. I think if we pay him (Erikson), in the region of £70-75 a week, he can take it and we will get more from him than trying to sell him and pay higher in an unproven attacking midfielder. We’ve got no choice this time than comply with him. The English born players are way over rated than other European players in the EPL. It wouldn’t take us much to raise Harry Kane’s wages to £80, or Eric Dier, or Deli, or Walker. Remember Loris had to be hard for his wage to be raised to £80/wk. Compare to what his compertriots make per week. He is even a better goal keeper than Joe Heart in my opinion today, but he’s not near what Joe makes. These players have their peak, and they deserve to make good money when it is their time. Pay Erikson and raise Ventonghen and Toby’s wages too, bc they are our key players,. They deserve better wages.
      I understand we have a project that is taking us much money right now, and the players understand that too. They’ll agree on something a little bit lower than what could have been a correct wage for them, bc they understand the project we have, but someone needs to have a proper conversation with them andirectlyake them feel important. Footballers are like women who alway want to be told they are beautiful.

      • bob

        The point I wanted to make is that Erikson does not provide a creative link or alternative playing style to our other midfielders and for a large part of the season he went missing.Modric uses the ball rather than speed,he can see a pass…same with Pirlo and that is the type of player we need.I would even gamble on Schweinstager.The young Man U team of years ago had one special player in Scholes whose creativity put them at the high level they achieved,We have very good young players we just need that catalyst to fire them up.Look at Messi’s pass for Barca’s third goal against Celtic……

        • Perilous Possum

          You do realise that Eriksen has been our most creative player for the past two seasons right? Assists and goals. He has end product. He easily deserves 70-80k per week. Kane should not be earning more than Lloris in my opinion. Best goalkeeper in the world barring one or two, and has rejected top offers to stay with us.

          • bob

            Let us agree to disagree.For the last two seasons I consider him to have coasted along,Ali ,Dembele and Lamela have upped their games whereas Erikson seems to pop up with moments of quality but then fades away and if our manager agreed with you I think this contract situation would have been sorted already.

  • Lbanus

    I’d sell him too. He could be replaced by better.